Collective: What does your brand feel like?

As digital marketing floods our email Inboxes, we should consider going back to basics and utilise the power of Direct Mail. Getting your brand in the hands of your consumer – whether its B2B or B2C, by sending a communication piece through the mail, can cut through the clutter and get your customers engaging with your brand.

Research shows that people will open mail that is addresses to them. Direct Mail response rates are still very strong providing the message is relevant and enticing – so to increase your customer experience with your brand and create better direct mail  campaigns, here are a few tips to follows:

  • Personalise your direct mail piece
  • Create something unique and interactive rather than just sending a flyer or brochure about your product/services e.g. scented postcard, include a novelty/gift item, use clever printing methods like scratch panels, pop open etc.
  • Provide a reason to take action – limited offer, free sample, event invitation

Most importantly, be strategic and develop a campaign that reflects your brand attributes and includes a follow up plan. Have a clear objective about what you want to achieve by the campaign:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Encourage trial
  • Increase your data base

Talk to us about creating a unique DM for your business or next product launch