The magic of our Craft begins with the Brand Experience. Many features make up BX, such as the customer journey, brand narrative, website design, and the in-store experience! The reality is BX will influence a person’s perception of a brand in multiple environments, simultaneously. From the eye-catching billboard to a seamless online shopping cart, to the in-store sales representative’s knowledge, every touchpoint matters in the customer journey and affects the brand experience either creating – or limiting – the opportunity for conversion. Our key services include:

Communication Strategy

The communication strategy is the foundation of a strong brand. It determines WHAT you say (key message), WHO you say it to (key audience), WHEN you say it (placement), and HOW you say it (tone). These aspects are imperative to effectively reach and persuade. We start this process by taking the time to really understand your business and its challenges. We pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, landscape trends, and organisational goals across long-term growth and short-term business cycles. This yields an initial framework detailing low hanging fruit, new opportunities and a more straightforward pathway to succinct communication. Services include:

  • Discovery (business and landscape analysis)
  • Research (target audience / market)
  • Brand traits and tone of voice
  • Positioning (includes mission / vision statements)
  • Key brand messages

Brand Identity / Visual Strategy

We can influence brand perception through visual design and language, which follows when a consumer hears, sees, or interacts with the brand and its product. The brand identity is how articulate the brand’s essence and culture. Services include:

  • Logo development
  • Tagline
  • Colour palette
  • Style guide
  • Imagery and photography
  • Sound/music


Great design is a science and an art. It represents ideas and communicates the unsaid. A successful design strategy works to provoke emotions and reactions that can build positive connections and define a brand’s identity.  Our senior graphic designers are also professional artists, which means they think beyond the boundaries of a computer program. Services include:

  • Website
  • Digital assets – videos, animation
  • Social media (brand posts, advertising, imagery, animation, gifs)
  • Marketing and colleterial (brochures, flyers, business cards, signage)
  • Asset and content creation
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Iconography

Marketing & Campaign Management

With over 5 decades of creating award-winning campaigns that reach, engage, and persuade, we design and deliver omnichannel tactics to suit your business’s life-cycle and marketing objectives. Whether your preference is to collaborate on a project basis or engage our senior team as an extension of your in-house marketing department, we deliver holistic marketing strategies and project management services that get results. Services include:

  • Tactical planning
  • Creative ideation
  • Asset development
  • Copywriting
  • Social media content planning and management
  • Campaign performance tracking, insights and results
  • Maintenance and optimisation

Additional Services

  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Google Analytics
    • Social Media Reporting
    • Campaign Results
    • Future Recommendations
  • Project Management
    • Ongoing advice and consultation
    • Future planning, overseeing timelines and scheduling, budgeting, maintaining brand integrity at all stages of project development and documenting all aspects of the specific project.