Why do a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is essential for assessing the strength and relevance of your brand. It evaluates whether your brand accurately reflects your business and values, and if it
fits into the current market landscape. It will also determine if it is unique and explore opportunities for growth.

Our Brand Audit Review process evaluates your brand assets and website, and will provide you with actionable insights into the current state of your brand identity and digital footprint. We provide a review report which outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your communications and identifies opportunities for improvement.  Schedule a brand audit today and gain clarity and direction needed to optimise your brand.


The Process


Define your business goals, offering and brand values to use as a benchmark.


Evaluate brand, narrative, tone and language and visual execution to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Website Review

Aesthetics, User Experience, Content Relevance, Speed, Functionality, Security.


Provide summary report/checklist & recommendations.


Investment: $1,260 plus gst

Interested in beginning a Brand Audit?