Enter our office, and you’ll find a team of seasoned, hardworking marketing specialists working their magic. Collectively, we’ve been transforming brands for more than 40 years. The calibre of clients we support is a testament to our aptitude and industry leadership. 


So, what makes Sidedoor, well, Sidedoor?

  • We are not a ‘yes’ agency that wants to burn through a budget. For us, it’s about the long game and ongoing success. Building sustainable brands is the only way to do that.
  • We are methodical. We have a proprietary ideology system, which ensures before we do any planning, we first do a lot of learning. Our first port-of-call is to pop the hood and dive deep into your business, the customer, and their challenges.
  • Our creative process leverages data and insights. There is a purpose behind every idea, design, headline and communication piece we produce. We track and measure performance to ensure reach, engagement and persuasion.
  • We apply sophisticated communication and narrative techniques to ensure customers are never spoken to as a potential sale or business opportunity. Instead, they are nurtured as real people with identities and feelings.
  • We are nimble, flexible, and supported by a wider network of industry creatives including website developers, PR, media specialists, videographers and producers.


Are you ready to work with a creative, competent team to support the transformation of your business into a successful brand? Contact us today.


Meet our Senior Team

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Julie Jackson


Julie (warmly regarded as ‘JJ’ by friends and ‘Boss Lady’ by her team) is a seasoned marketing and branding professional with more than 20 years of industry swagger under her belt.

Over the decades, Julie has developed and managed countless integrated campaigns within (almost) every vertical, including FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction, Food & Beverage & NFP.

In 2010, Julie took an entrepreneurial leap and launched Sidedoor; a boutique multi-disciplinary agency delivering bespoke brand experiences and communication solutions. Her vision? To build a super-charged creative environment deeply rooted in a culture of originality, authenticity, collaboration, transparency and most of all, ethics.

While the vision is paramount, at the end of the day, it’s Julie’s astute approach to business, honesty, and sense of humour, together with her brilliant team, that keeps the wheels of this well-oiled, ideas-driven communications agency turning!

Abbie Stoyel

Senior Graphic Designer

Abbie is a creative professional with over a decade of industry experience. She is passionate about evolving her artistic abilities and mastering the many facets of graphic design across digital, print and ambient media.

During the week she is our Senior Graphic Design/Art Director who generates thought-provoking visual ideas in direct response to clients’ objectives. Through this lens, her concepts and strategies continue to influence positive change in audience perception and behaviour, whether that be new awareness, deeper interaction, stronger engagement, purchase or loyalty.

After hours, Abbie is busy generating commissioned art pieces for a number of private clients. Check out her beautiful work here.

Laura Agricola

Senior Account Manager + strategist

Laura is our Senior Brand and Communication Strategist and a key client liaison. With more than 10 years of integrated marketing experience spanning national and global markets, Laura is passionate about developing intelligent, honest and impactful brand strategies and marketing campaigns which enhance a brand’s image, boost engagement and persuade conversion.

Additionally, Laura oversees the building and writing of meaningful brand narratives, copy and content, delivered to a variety of audiences through paid, owned and earned media.

When she’s not creating brands, Laura is pursuing other creative hobbies such as cooking, painting and landscaping.

Meet the Team

We know that by mid-Tuesday, it’s already been a long week. Other days, you’re surviving on coffee and suffering back-to-back meetings.

The to-do list is growing. It’s beginning to feel like you’re the Jack of all trades and master of duck eggs.

What you really need right now is someone to take-on the colossal marketing responsibility that increasing in urgency. It is a task you can’t figure out alone and can’t mess up. You need it done correctly but don’t know where to start.

That is where our fantastic team of brand and marketing experts step in.

We are your internal senior marketing team. Go-to-gurus. Soundboard. Big-picture thinkers.

You can give us all of it, or some of it. Whatever the scope, we’ll take it on because that’s what we do best.

Marketing is our passion, our vocation, our job. Being 100% effective is our value and promise.