Collective: Top Brand Strategies to Focus on in 2020


With the constant change of new marketing methods, digital systems and social platforms, it is challenging for organisations to know what brand efforts will yield the best return for their business.


While there is no one size fits all approach to developing an effective brand strategy, there certainly are popular trends to be aware of, some of which are proving to increase brand growth and vitality.


2020 Brand Trends:

  1. Brand Purpose: Many organisations don’t realise that brand purpose needs to be reviewed every few years. As your business grows and the market landscape changes, so do consumer needs, behaviours and values. Does your brand purpose still make sense?
  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: do you have a structured and defined CSR policy? This should be aligned with your Brand Purpose and executed across the business, both internally and externally. CSR presents an opportunity for businesses to build trust, strengthen their reputation and give back to the community.
  2. Brand Experience (BX): From the click to the swipe, the email to the phone call, every interaction with your brand counts. Evaluate the customer journey and how that supports your value proposition. Do you walk the walk?
  3. Wellbeing: During the last decade, we’ve seen some of the more innovative companies incorporate soft skills and wellbeing into employee KPIs. High employee morale produces an attractive work environment, giving organisations the power to choose a crème of the crop workforce – not something to be overlooked.  
  4. Innovation: Innovation happens at all levels of the business and across departments. Customising the position to suit the employee, giving time-off for volunteering (CRM SalesForce cover up to 7 days for volunteer work), investing in employee health and extended paternal leave are all examples of innovation outside of ‘technology’.
  5. Customer Service: Most of us can’t compete with the real-time seamless sales experience offered by the likes of Amazon and Apple. But we can Keep It Simple (Stupid) by using some digitisation together with a ‘back to the basics’ sensibility. Follow-up phone calls, automated email touch streams, anniversary offers, reducing the number of documents, developing automated decision making are tried and true measures to increase customer satisfaction and stimulate loyalty.

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