Collective: Is Your Brand Authentic?


Is Your Brand Authentic?


In creating and growing brands, the most crucial aspect to portray is the alignment between the brand vision and the brand perception.  

Purpose is the latest buzz word associated with a brand’s positioning, however if that purpose or vision is not genuine, it will lack conviction and will ultimately be seen as simply a marketing tactic which can then have an adverse effect.

Brand authenticity matters to consumers, especially to the Millennial market, who are the new force in Australia’s economy, representing almost half the workforce and 1 out of every 3 dollars spent.

It’s hard to argue that purpose impacts brand loyalty: 64% of global consumers choose brands because they take a stand on social issues, and more than 90% of Millennial consumers will switch from one brand to another because it champions a cause.

Brand Balance

Keep in mind, an authentic brand with purpose does not replace overall product experience in helping consumers make purchase decisions – the brand must still deliver on its promise together with providing a memorable and positive experience, however balancing both will lead to greater depth to the brand, consumer relationship and stimulating loyalty.

Walk the walk

If there is a compelling vision behind the brand that is driven from the head of the organisation, the long-term benefits will go way beyond stimulating consumer behaviour. 


  • Staff satisfaction and retention 
  • Motivating and Inspiring
  • Attracting like-minded supplies/affiliates

Case Study: Patagonia

The retailer Patagonia stands behind its convictions and aligns its marketing efforts with its core values – it’s seen as an authentic brand. And its authenticity has built a loyal and growing customer base, resulting in growing success.

The business is driven first and foremost by its core values and they ‘walk the walk’ – 


  • Invests in renewable energy
  • Has a ‘Drive-Less’ program that gives a monetary incentive to employees to not drive alone to work
  • Use raw materials that cause less environmental harm
  • Donates 1% of its sales to grassroots environmental groups around the world
  • Actively campaigns for environmental causes 
  • ‘Worn Wear Program’ which encourages the repair, share and recycling of their products. Their goal is to ensure their clothes last longer and to reduce overall consumption in the process.


If you would like to align your brand with a clear vision, contact the Sidedoor strategy team.