Collective: The Real Cost of a Logo


The Real Cost of a Logo


Symbols are as ancient as we are. In fact, they are older than the written word.  


Used as markers, to aid us in perceiving and navigating the world, symbols are a communication shorthand.


Over that last 150 years, businesses have understood the importance of symbolism, to help establish recognition and distinction from competitors.


Brands with memorable symbols, colours, names have what is known as brand equity.


Economic evidence has shown brand equity yields sales and healthier margins.



The $99 Logo


Today there are many cost-saving, off-the-shelf logo options. Platforms such as Fivver, Brandcrowd and use a low margin/high volume strategy.  For many, the $99 logo can seem appealing because it’s cheap. However, what is overlooked is the ongoing cost required, to mitigate negative brand association tied with ‘poor quality’ branding. And here’s why.



The 7 Second Rule


Neuromarketing research show consumers who have little, to no exposure to a brand, will make complex assessments of the product or service based on the logo.  Evidently, our sub-conscious decides what we feel about a brand 7-10 seconds before we consciously do.


That is because the brain looks for shortcuts to avoid deep, deliberate thinking. This is to save energy – a primitive survival tactic. Logos – symbols – aid in this process.



The Science Behind the Art


We now understand the impact visual elements have, in inducing positive emotions, as well as facilitating cognitive outcomes. It is a phenomenon which plays out in nature and architecture – design, shapes and colour influence human behaviour. 


It is no exception for the humble logo.


For example, logos which feature circular shapes can activate association with softness, sensitivity, care and unity.  Triangles that point upwards, signify direction and power. Squares? Stability and order.


Then there’s the proven psychology behind colour, nomenclature, etymology and semantics and their impact on human behaviour.


All of which are considered in high quality, strategic logo design. And disregarded in the $99 version.



Logo Design Essentials


When developing a new (or evolved) logo, you don’t need to break the bank. But you do need to invest proper time and effort with a logo specialist. Important things to consider before your begin design works include:


  • The customer: Demo and psycho attributes such as Age / Gender / Habits
  • The Category: Skincare/ Food / Manufacturing / Service / Technology
  • Product or Service: IT specialist / e-commerce store / Interior Design / Electrician / Baker
  • Brand essence: Caring / Reliable / Innovative / End-to-End / Sustainable
  • Unique selling proposition: What is it that you do differently?



Once these have been established and communicated, the designer can explore the appropriate shapes, colours, textures and words to support your distinctive business, in a way that appeals to your unique customer!


Hot Tip: Ask your logo specialist to show you how the logo design looks mocked-up to ensure functionality across all types of applications.  


Afterall is said and done, a logo is not the ‘be-all and end-all’ of your brand. Yet it is an important factor in establishing strong brand equity.  Always work with a trusted expert.