Collective: So how do we tap into the sub conscious mind?


So how do we tap into the sub conscious mind?


No, it’s not about planting subliminal messages and ‘brain washing’ our audience. Which by the way is often misunderstood. For example, playing French music in a bottle shop may influence the shopper to select the French champagne, however, as the music is clearly heard, this is actually supraliminal stimuli.


Anyway, back to tapping into the subconscious mind. This is about creating a positive perception about your product/brand in the mind of the consumer – before they are making the decision to buy.  The first key realisation is to understand that your brand is far more than the logo. Seth Godin articulates this perfectly as:


‘A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that taken together account for a customer’s decision to buy one product over another’ (read this twice!)


 Therefore, it’s imperative to focus on building a strong brand perception and positive brand reputation that will resonate with your customer and their Influencers.



  • Develop a powerful vision and proposition for your brand that provides real value for your customer and solves their problem or challenge. Then, build this into a compelling brand story.
  • Know your customer beyond basic demographics. Learn about ‘who’ they are. What they believe and value, how they make decisions, what is their purchasing criteria? One of my favourite quotes is ‘Knowledge Is Power’The greater insights you have about your ideal customer, the better you can provide what they need and communicate on their level.
  • Identify key Influences. Know who and what has an impact on the final decision. Brand Ambassadors can also play a crucial role in ‘spreading the word’ and your brand reputation. (understand that this can be both positive and negative)
  • Understand the customer journey. Identify every touch point where your brand engages with the audience and ensure this is a positive experience. Think about how you want your brand to make your customer feel. Continue to deliver on your promise, surprise and delight.

In summary, don’t rely on Point of Purchase. It’s often too late by then as people’s pre conceived perception (sub conscious mind) has already kicked in and much harder for you to overcome any barriers.


If you would like to evaluate you brand perception and improve your chances of influencing the sub conscious mind, talk to one of our branding experts today.