Collective: What makes your brand exceptional?




Companies have them. Competitors fear them. Customers love them. They’re called Unique Selling Propositions and they are the most enigmatic and coveted aspect of a brand. Unfortunately, there are many brands who have unique selling propositions that just aren’t that unique. And it’s not due to a lack of product quality or a tight marketing budget, but instead a misunderstanding of the term and approach in how the Unique Selling Proposition was developed.

Below is a simple graphic to help explain the core meaning of a Unique Selling Proposition and its connection in relation to the competitor and the customer.

As well as understanding the true meaning of a Unique Selling Proposition and knowing exactly how to develop one, it is also important to acknowledge that very few businesses are truly ‘one-of-a-kind’. Customers are trained to look for the exceptional when deciphering between similar products. This entails a process of comparison, usually between price, quality and value, which is not an easy process. Because of this, the brain will naturally search for a shortcut. One way it does this is to summarise everything it has previously seen, heard and experienced about a product, through marketing stimuli. This is exactly what the Unique Selling Proposition is used for; a strong, unique statement that encapsulates exactly what the product stands for in a way that motivates purchase or brand loyalty.

Whether you already have a Unique Selling Position or are yet to define one, use the Sidedoor tool and see what it reveals for you. It may be different to what you’re expecting, but when it comes to Unique Selling Propositions, different is a good thing!

Alternatively, our ‘Brand Ideology’™ process can help you identify your USP. Contact the strategy team at Sidedoor to get the ball rolling.