Collective: Upgrading your website can upgrade your brand




  • Modern-looking websites create a perception of professionalism, innovation and authority
  • Mobile browsing and SEO will continue to dictate future design trends
  • More engaging and eye-catching elements will overtake ‘simplistic’ designs, which have reigned supreme the last 5 years


You may not believe us, but we recall a time when Comic Sans was rather swank, having a ‘bevel and emboss’ logo proved one had Photoshop skills and ‘scrolling text’ across a website homepage was not an behemothic offence.


We’ve definitely come a long way in website style and design. Sure, Google has shaped a lot of what we can and can’t do. Remember ‘hit counters?’ They have now been replaced by Google Analytics.


However, when it comes to the rise and fall of website design trends and ever-changing user expectations, how can organisations keep up the pace and ensure their website doesn’t become daggy and disorderly?


Here are 5 vital questions to ask when ascertaining the health of your existing website and determining whether it’s time for a little refresh…or complete redesign:

  1. How does your website measure up against digital-gentry? Refer to website industry award shows such as webbyawards and Awwwards who honour excellence on the web. These are great resources in identifying what features, functions and layouts are being utilised by world leading brands and no doubt, will become mainstream trends in the near future
  2. How strong is the structure and navigation of your website? If the organisation of content is unclear, the navigation isn’t intuitive and users can’t easily browse the depth and breadth of the website…you’ve got a dud
  3. Today, good websites will include ambient sound, videos and frequent blog posts (at the very least) to draw users deeper into the content and engagement with the brand. This type of design is now considered best practise across UEX and SEO. Does your website meet the gold standard?
  4. How attractive is the visual design of your website? Is it unique and a true representation of your business?
  5. Does your website encourage participation? In other words, is it interactive? Roll-over buttons, playful call-to-actions, animated gifs, eNewsletters, chat rooms and real-time-feedback can truly delight users and keep them engaged for longer.
  6. Last but not least, is the content relevant. Does it address your customers needs?


Want to be outstanding? Then don’t be afraid to push design boundaries and digital capabilities. 360-degree views, high-end photospheres and a real-time footage – the options are endless. But remember, website design trends have a shelf life so unless you’ve got oodles of dollars to spend, keep it basic but awesome.

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