Collective: The brand advantage – How to become an employer of choice

Job mobility remained at 9.5% for 2 consecutive years, the highest rate in a decade. According to the Aust. Bureau of Statistics, the share of job mobility remained highest for Professionals, at 24% of those who changed jobs, 2.3 million people left or lost a job, and the annual retrenchment rate was 1.4%, the lowest annual rate on record (since 1972).

A compelling brand can be incredibly powerful, not only in attracting the consumer but also in appealing to potential employees. A successful brand has intangible assets and advantages:

  • Recognition
  • Perception 
  • Trust 
  • Loyalty 

This significantly impacts your brands reputation and how it is perceived in the market. In the current market landscape where it’s difficult to attract employees, you need to consider and evaluate your brand reputation and how you are perceived in the market. 

Recently, the balance of power has shifted from employers to employees. Candidates are now more discerning than ever, and often spoilt for choice in terms of employment opportunities.  Particularly after the pandemic, many people have re shaped their views about work, their values, and the criteria for their next job, and they are now seeking more than just money. These are now the considerations:

  • Flexibility
  • Culture and connection
  • Values driven workplace
  • Commitment to DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion)
  • Career path
  • Authenticity
  • Wellness

Brand Clarity

The connection between a brand and becoming an employer of choice are closely connected.  Without a robust brand, clear reputation and defined brand values, you may be losing out on attracting the right people. As with most decisions, consumers now do their research about a business before engaging. Consider what that might look like for your brand. e.g. 

What is your communications message?

What does your social media convey about you as a brand?

Does your website clearly articulate your values and provide some insight into your workplace culture?

How to improve your brand

Here are 4 keys steps to reviewing and enhancing your brand.

  1. Strategy: Define your brand strategy with a very clear understanding of your purpose, value proposition and what you stand for. Both customers and future employees want to engage with a business whose values align.
  2. Narrative: Develop a concise and consistent brand narrative that resonates across all communication channels. 
  3. Ensure that your brand vision is executed across all visual material – internally and externally across all marketing collateral.
  4. Content alignment: Evaluate how your brand content, including blogs, social media, digital assets, videos, sponsorships, and events, aligns and promotes your defined brand image.

When your brand is authentically itself, it will have no competition.


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