What makes Sidedoor so unique is our ability to fuse science (strategy) with art (design) to transform businesses into highly relevant and aspirational brands. We call this our ‘craft’. The magic it creates influences consumers in choosing the right brand. Our craft is to make brands unforgettable by helping customers fall in love with them through increased brand engagement and loyalty.

Brand Identity

You can’t make everyone happy. You are not pizza.

We do logo development, website design, copywriting, imagery, positioning, personality, tone, comms messaging, packaging, brochures, stationary, signage….and everything else that makes a brand distinctly unique. Whether our clients require a brand build or a brand revival, we ensure the expression is meaningful and consistent across every touchpoint.

Communication Strategy

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Before initiating any project, we take the time to understand the brand, its position and messaging within the market. Information gathered from this phase can pinpoint new core marketing drivers, reveal gaps in sales funnel and motivate turnkey marketing strategies and campaigns. The communication strategy informs what tactical initiatives are needed to achieve important business goals.

Brand Ideology

Have a spine of steel.

Think of ‘brand ideology’ as the spinal cord of a brand. It has various vertebrae such as the ‘brand story’, ‘brand belief system’ and ‘brand culture’ stacked up on top of each other. These components work together to give greater functionality to the whole brand by way of balance, stability, strength and agility – all necessary to adjust to changing conditions and unforeseen challenges. Without an ideology system, a brand is spineless; it follows instead of innovates. Through our ideology system, we ensure that our clients can create meaningful communication pathways with consumers that boost awareness and growth, without apology.

Graphic Art + Design

Be bold or italic, but never regular.

Illustration. Typography. Iconography. Logotype. Colour. Graphics. Our design work is considered and strategic. Our graphic designers are also working artists, which means that our work is 100% original and we think beyond the capacity of digital design program.

Campaign Building

Great things never occur outside comfort zones.

Print. Digital. Video. Content. Direct. Social. Events. We have over 20 years creating award-winning and multi-sensory experiences that reach, engage, delight and deliver.

Account Management

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

As an extension of your marketing department, our senior account team will ensure your brand keeps its marketing edge throughout the different stages of the relationship, the ever-changing market dynamics and the rise of new digital platform and apps. We also control, monitor, track and evaluate campaigns to maximise ROI.  In short, we have your back.